We're Krista & Dave.
We love each other.
And we love to photograph weddings.

Bouquets & Bow Ties is Krista Casey and David Kavaler. That's us down there in the photo, playing with old cameras on our wedding day, by far the best day of our lives. But how did we get there? Well, we met in college; studying photography at Northeastern University in Boston. Krista's early inspiration was self exploration through self-portraiture. I spent most of my formative years photographing the streets of Boston, or wherever else I happened to find myself. Photography has always been at the heart of our relationship, but "wedding photographers", well that was never something that either one of us imagined we could be. 

In fact, when a friend called one afternoon back in 2011 and asked me to photograph her Cape Cod wedding I almost declined, but hey, she was a friend and I was truly flattered. I accepted and Krista and I decided it would be a fun adventure, and we'd do it together. By the time the wedding arrived in September of 2012 we were incredibly pumped. We were a few months into an exciting collaboration on a blog called Boston Street Style and we'd been photographing with more passion and frequency than at any point in our lives. Needless to say the wedding was amazing, and we had more fun capturing each and every moment of the day than we possibly could have imagined. 

A few years and hundreds more "street-style" portraits later the repetition of the blog was beginning to feel uninspired. We were ready for a new adventure. The timing was right when a few more friends asked us to photograph their summer weddings. We had just gotten engaged. We were starting to plan our own wedding. And this time around we jumped at the chance. It wasn't long before we realized that our photography was the greatest gift we could possibly give our friends on their wedding day. And the feeling that we got from knowing they'd cherish those photographs and their memories for the rest of their lives was unparalleled.

We were hooked! And we wanted to share our photography with as many people as possible. So we created this little website to share our work, and with a little help from a long car ride with my family we decided to call ourselves Bouquets & Bow Ties

Trained as fine art photographers, we approach each wedding as a unique story to be told through beautiful imagery. And having been on the other side of the camera, we do our very best to be fun, easy going, laser focused and super-creative. Just the type of wedding photographers that we wanted to invite into our lives on our special day. Because it's more than just the first kiss and the cutting of the cake. It's your crazy Uncle Jim gettin' his groove on out on the dance floor, it's your best friend's tear jerker of a toast, it's the way the light comes through the trees in a way you could have never imagine, and all the little details in-between that you put a hell of a lot of thought into, and we know you want to remember forever. 

We seamlessly navigate your day as a coordinated team delivering every angle and detail as we work. We pride ourselves on producing work that is fresh and contemporary and we strive to create lasting images that are as memorable as the day itself.

So have a look around. Learn a little more about how we work and what we have to offer. When you've seen enough, we can't wait to hear from you.

Photo by Robson